Mistakes to Avoid During Getting House Extensions London Built

Creating extensions at home is an important project, and the person who thinks about this should make sure that every step is done in the best possible way. You must ensure that all steps are planned immediately before the process begins. Research and studies are also conducted in the process to ensure that errors are not made in the process. Yes, owners who participate in the process of building an extension of a house can make a number of mistakes out of them; some were discussed here in this post.

Creating extensions

Error 1 – Excavations and Foundations

  • The first thing you need to know as a homeowner is that more than 25 percent of foundations are NOT located directly under the walls above.
  • Therefore, experts say that both digging from the center and digging in the wrong position are very common situations that should not arise at all.
  • If something like this happens, you will certainly have to pay the increased costs for the entire expansion project for the house.

Error 2 – Test for humidity and DPC membrane

  • It has often been observed that builders use plastic and rubber bags to form a waterproofing layer, but this are not a good practice.
  • The proper practice of protecting against moisture is to use DPC rolls, and you must be sure that when you take supplements at home, only this practice is observed.
  • This may seem really insignificant during the process, but if a task is poorly performed, moisture can very easily get into the house in just a few weeks.
  • Even worse, during the year you will have other problems related to humidity, humidity and sealing.

Error 3 – very rarely perfectly square extensions

  • Another mistake, which is observed very often, is that builders have no idea how to check the expansion of houses if they build the ideal area for property.
  • This is a big mistake, and because of this, it happens that most projects related to house extensions london do not have a square corner.

Error 4 – Services on the ground.

  • Another very serious mistake made by contractors and builders is that they use copper pipes and electrical cables and both run straight through the concrete floor.
  • Even worse, in this case, these builders and contractors ignore the installation of any type of protection or coating.
  • The problem with these steps is that when the coating is applied directly to the concrete, the copper is destroyed much faster than usual, since the concrete or cement practically absorbs the copper.