Overview on valve actuator at Blackhawk Supply

Now a day’s the existence of valve actuators play a vital role. It is the mechanism which is used to operate valves by opening and closing respectively. There is a manual valve that seeks the help of a person for adjusting them directly and connected to valve stem.  The key purpose of actuator is when energy source like electric or pneumatic pressure gets control signal, actuator responds immediately when the conversion of received signal energy into mechanical motion. A part of manual valve actuator, there are different types of actuators are available which are offered by many companies and this valve actuators at Blackhawk Supply is one of the example.

Let’s focus on following key points;

Actually there are 4 types of actuators. They are hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electric actuators respectively. The hydraulic actuators contain cylinders which use hydraulic power for providing mechanical process.

valve actuators at Blackhawk Supply

Types of Valve Operation:

There are 2 types of valve operation from the valve actuator and along with many types of control valves respectively. Concentrating on the operation of a valve, before going to select an appropriate actuator let’s discuss it in brief;

In fact you will get different types of valve actuators in many websites with good customer support service like say they provide the best valve actuators at Blackhawk Supply in more number.

  • Rotary (Quarter-Turn) Operation: It includes ball valves, plug valves which needs 90 degree rotation and its operation is quite simple too.
  • Multi-Turn Operation: It includes knife gates, sluice gates and all in this category of operation. It needs more number of turns for especially non rising stems in moving valve closure element from open to close position respectively.

Choosing a valve actuator:

  • These valve actuators are considered as a kind of control valve only. It has more number of options which are available for meeting personal automation needs. In simple, it means that for selecting an appropriate valve actuator, you need to focus on the mechanism for operating a valve, it consists of box having its own input and output respectively. In the entire performance point of view especially in control loop, these valve actuators play a major role today.
  • Concentrating on basic valve types and actuators and its key functionality which it performs, range value from usage issues regarding size, security and safety issues, cost expensiveness and all will be considered clearly before going to select a perfect valve actuator.


Hence valve actuators are widely available in the current traditional market and officially available through online as well.