Ankor is one of the few US-based property management firms that provide investors with a completely turnkey solution for overseas property investments. We handle all aspects of real estate investment services, from physical real estate property management, to maximizing investment results, to tax and advisory services real estate ce classes in Nevada.

Communication is the key

We believe that the most important thing for property management companies to provide to their clients is communication. We find that too often investors are simply unaware of how their property is doing and want a sounding board. Furthermore, there is a huge need for education of the local market and processes, which we also manage. We bridge the gap between foreign investors and local markets. Here are our main resources in terms of communication with our customers:

We maintain multilingual crew with substantial hardship in real estate administration assistance as well as improving earnings from real estate interests.

We integrate all of our communications through each investor’s preferred method of communication, including WeChat.

Our Investor Portal (coming soon), which will also be translated into each investor’s language of choice and will provide current and on-demand insights into investment performance.

The real estate management company – also called real estate company – is an activity whose main purpose is to manage real estate assets. The corporate purpose of the activity, therefore, concerns the ownership (or purchase) of one or more properties for residential or commercial use that can be managed in different ways:

Apartments / houses / villas and resale to the public;

Properties to be restored and resold;

Land on which to build and then resell;

Property to be rented.

Be careful though. The real estate management company is not a real estate agency, but a much broader and more complex activity that concerns the management of real estate (both commercial and residential) at 360 °. Real estate agencies, in fact, do not own the properties, but sell and rent on behalf of third parties.