Importance of egg donation process

There are diverse medical advancements that work wonders in the lives of the people. The one of the highly appreciative medical advancement that has been a great benefit to the people is egg donation. Due to some reasons, couples could not bear child. The infertility really makes the people depressed.

It is truly painful to be infertile and a lot of people have gone through anxiety because of this. Some people that are infertile compromised themselves with other things and they get convinced but many people could not bear the shame. It is best to try egg donation facility to bear child. Some may feel reluctant but many couples embrace this idea.

Following are the egg donation process steps in detail.


Initial screening tests will be done to make clear the donor about egg donation. The personal and family details of the donor will be asked so that it will be easy to make sure that the donor can go further. After getting personal information the donor have to upload photos to the egg donor service website so that it can be matched with the couples that need egg.

Psychological screening

Different true or false questions will be asked to test the mental condition of the donor to check whether the person has any mental issues because the child may inherit the mental characteristics of the donor.

Disease screening

It is also one of the most important tests to check whether the donor has any health issues such as

  • Urine Drug Screen
  • STD
  • Pap Smear
  • Ovary test using Vaginal ultrasound
  • Hepatitis
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • AIDS
  • Diabetes

Blood sample will be taken on the day third day of the menstrual cycle to test the fertility condition of the person.

Genetic test

This is conducted to identify the genetic status so that they can get complete family history and they will draw the family tree and come to a conclusion about health condition.

Paper works

All the processes and its reports are documented and contract will be signed once if everything is completely okay with donor.

Finally egg retrieval is done.