How to treat neck pain without surgery? 

The spine is a spectacular and complex arrangement. It is capable of carrying a head weighing 15 or more weights while moving in different directions. No other part of the spine has such liberty of movement. This combination, though, mobility and complexity, make the neck sensitive to pain and injury.

Treating neck pain without surgery:

Neck pain can happen for a variety of reasons. Most of them are completely treated without surgery. These involve muscle spasms, neck arthritis, stress and even whiplash from a car accident, among many others. Most of these situations can be handled with gentle anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxers or rest and physical therapy. At Novena Pain Management Centre, their patients have a way to world-class spine concentrated physical therapy and treating neck pain without surgery. In fact, at their Spine Center, they have the only spine concentrated physical therapy area in greater space. Sometimes, in more critical cases, patients may profit from epidural steroid injections delivered by a specially qualified Pain Management specialist.

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Neck pain relief & treatment options at Novena Pain Management Centre:

Some patients, yet, may not react to these neck pain therapies. They may have a more severe condition, such as a bone spur causing nerve or cervical herniated disc or spinal cord compression in the spine. Such sufferers may have neck pain passing down an arm, called radiculopathy. They may have numbness or weakness. Patients with spinal cord pressure may even have leg frailty, trouble using their hands or arms, loss of fine motor control or changes in handwriting, in addition to discomfort and numbness. Even such patients may benefit from a trial of conservative care. At Novena Pain Management Centre, their neurosurgeons are conventional in their treatment philosophy and usually treating neck pain without surgery.