What The Kuflink Foundation does for Communities

Have you ever heard of the Kuflink Foundation? The foundation is a part of investment company Kuflink. You can read honest reviews of Kuflink here. The Kuflink Foundation is their charity and we would like to tell you more about what this charity does.

What is The Kuflink Foundation?

As mentioned, above, the foundation is the charity department of Kuflink. Kuflink is an investment company that wants to help people with their investments. They have already been doing so for over 200 years. The foundation was established by the families Binning and Chattha. They started the forerunner of this company, The Alpha Foundation, in 2008. So, compared to the investment department, the foundation is relatively new. Still, it already has 10 years of history.

What does The Kuflink Foundation do?

Kuflink FoundationThe aim of the company is to provide support for communities in, for example, Kent and Gravesham. They have, for example, established The Grand. This location was founded in cooperation with Kent County Council. It provides various opportunities for people to get together and socialise with the community. There is a café where people can meet or just drink a cup of coffee. But you can also think of things like networking events. There is even a place where people can harvest fruits and vegetables. They also provide certain forms of help. There are exercise classes for people who would like to lose some weight or gain some muscles but don’t want to do that alone. And people who want to stop smoking but need some support can come by their stop smoking support department. Vis this location, they want to help people of all ages to improve their health and their general wellbeing.

Other Charities

Besides providing their own means of community aid, they also want to reward people who give something back to their community. Residents who do a lot for the children or elderly people in their neighbourhood are supported by The Kuflink Foundation so they can help their community even more.

Who does the charity help?

The charity helps young people to become the best version of themselves. But they are also there for older people who need help or just want to socialise with other people. The foundation is not only meant for people who are in need of help. There is also ample room for people to network and socialise if you just want to get into contact with new people. In fact, the Kuflink Foundation wants to be there for the whole community.

Sponsorship with Ebbsfleet United

The Kuflink Foundation is also a proud sponsor of the football club Ebbsfleet United FC. They are their main sponsor and therefore have exclusive naming rights for the football clubs Stadium, now called Kuflink Stadium. Sports, health and education are important to Kuflink and therefore they want to provide young and professional football players with a place where their talent will be appreciated and stimulated. Sports are, after all, one of the best and most entertaining ways to stay healthy.