Best Drill Bits For Glass – How To Drill A Hole In Glass

If you have to drill a hole in a surface, you have to have some skill and practice. You have to use the right drilling equipment and the correct technique and tools to drill a hole perfectly. The technique is very important because it will save you time, materials and also energy. You can learn how to drill into hard surfaces by taking the assistance of the professionals or by watching online tutorials. You can find the best drill bits for glass online and at hardware stores.

Drilling holes into hard materials

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Drilling holes into soft surfaces like wood and plastic is easy. However, drilling a hole into a hard surface such as a metal, glass, fiberglass, tile, masonry can be hard and you will require proper equipment designed specifically to make holes into such surfaces. You have to take the right decision to pick the right techniques and tips for making holes in hard surfaces.

Drilling glass

When you have the right equipment, drilling a hole in glass or fiberglass and a mirror is easy and quick. The key is to find the right drill bits and machine-made for tiles and glass. You will find the drilling machine and bits in a hardware store.

How to drill a hole in the glass?

Since glass and mirror are very hard and smooth, you will have to have some kind of foothold that will hold the glass and prevent it from moving. You can use a box of cardboard like a cereal box or footwear box and it to the glass. You have to begin at a very little pressure by creating a small dimple in a glass and remove the cardboard gradually and continue to make the hole. You should make sure that the glass is supported firmly the back and put light force on the drill. Do not press too hard so that you don’t break or crack the glass.

When you do this procedure, you will create a clean and neat hole of the sides without chipping the edges of the glass surface.

What type of drill bit to use for glass?

In particular, the two most popular types of drill bits that are used very easily on the glass are called diamond-tipped drill bits and tungsten carbide spear-tipped drill bits. These are the most commonly used drill bits for glass and fiberglass. You can find the best drill bits for glass on hardware stores as well as online stores.