Design your own suit and get the perfect fit

Having a suit that fits you faultlessly is no longer a matter of spending thousands of dollars or settling on a spray-painted tuxedo. It’s a matter of sending in your measurements and receiving a suit made exclusively for you. Through Exotic Bespoke, customers are digitally fixed with the everyday, black-tie, or casual summer suit they have been searching for. The selection offers an extensive range of colors and wholly customizable styles for everything from lapels to buttons. Once designed, the suit goes into making, where quality is controlled by expert tailors who want you to look trim and fashionable once your garments arrive on your doorstep four to five weeks after placing the order.

Branded suits can go from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, but it does not necessarily assure a quality suit. Several suits have a very low fibre percentage and are made with synthetic fabrics that are accurately glued together. If you love saving money and not dealing with an assertive sales staff, then Exotic Bespoke suits are for you. Currently, they sell three types of fully customizable suits namely,

  • John Wicks Suit
  • James Bond Suits
  • The Godfather’s Suit

Each template reflects the quality of fabric used. There are plans for expanding into shirts, ties, and more customizable choices in the future. Once you have your suit, and have dealt with the sales consultant’s up-selling you on the accessories you do not need, you have to get it customized so it fits just right which will cost even more money.

They eliminate the middle man and have a suit formed and then sent directly to customers instead of ordering a lot of catalog and then have it sit in a large store waiting for someone to buy it or having to spend more money for a custom suit. The customers can also save money because there are no traditional costs that department stores have and also the loss of the un-sold inventory is not covered. Save time, money, and needless stress by creating the exact suit you want with Exotic Bespoke and then measure yourself using the guide for the perfect fit.